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New England raised, Alex DaCosta grew up either cruising suburban streets of Connecticut or strumming a six string. Being a 23 year old country music artist from the north, he confidently blends elements of pop and country music, bringing an interesting twist to the genre.

During his college years, Alex spent time living in Boston, where he heavily dove into the craft of songwriting. DaCosta built a studio in his apartment bedroom and began making writing trips to Music City. After graduating from Berklee in '16, Alex packed his bags to start his career in Nashville.

Soon after planting his roots, Alex released "Hell Outta Me", a personal track that he'd written himself which gained nearly 80,000 streams on Spotify.

Since then, Alex has been working with some of Music City's hottest up-and-coming producers and songwriters. He has also recently penned songs for other artists, including "Waste of Good Whiskey" by Lainey Wilson and “Hotel Room” by Kaitie Forbes.

In July of 2018, Alex released a new single that brings a fresh vibe to his modern sound. "If It Ain't Crazy" is a energetic country anthem that leaves you craving more music from DaCosta. 

To wrap the year, DaCosta released a flirty, feel good single called “Been Too Long”. The song is full of energy, launching him into 2019 ready to break further into the world of country music.